Successfully Implemented

Success Rate* (%)

* Success Rate is defined as the percentage of successful verifications where a traveler is in-scope (within the age range requiring verification) and has photos in the CBP system. There are multiple reasons for an unsuccessful match.

In Use At

American Airlines Inc.
Air France
Royal Air Maroc
British Airways p.l.c.
Air China
COPA Airlines
Cathay Pacific
Aer Lingus Limited
Ethiopian Airlines
Etihad Airways
Japan Airlines
Korean Air Lines
Porter Airlines Inc.
Volaris Costa Rica
Qatar Airways
South African Airways
Scandinavian Airlines
Brussels Airlines N.V.
Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Saudi Arabian Airlines
Turkish Airlines Inc.
United Airlines, Inc.
Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited
Air Georgian

1-Step Integration


Biometric Identity Verification

Meets biometric entry-exit requirements by detecting, capturing and transmitting the traveler’s image during the boarding process for verification against the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Traveler Verification Service.

Frictionless Boarding

Quick, secure, streamlined boarding process means happier customers means happier passengers with one less thing to worry about along their travel journey.

Ease and Versatility of Deployment

Non-disruptive, quick and easy deployment across airport gates, through use of mobile tablets and portable hardware. No changes needed to existing airport infrastructure or processes.

Cost Effective

Exceptionally affordable through use of commercially-available hardware, with the ability to scale and replicate for any airport size.

Passenger Privacy

The privacy of travelers is protected in a manner that meets and exceeds the standards set forth by the CBP.

Dashboard View

Gate agents can oversee and manage the boarding process through an agent dashboard that allows manual verification of any travelers who opt-out.
Airline station managers, CBP and other authorized users can remotely view the boarding process as it happens, over the web.

Wireless Connectivity

No need to depend on local network connectivity. Operate off your airport Wi-Fi, or operate off cellular connectivity while utilizing Wi-Fi for backup connectivity.

Integration with Other Systems

The veriScan system is built to integrate with CBP, airlines and other systems for a seamless, streamlined experience.


  • Available for iPad or any iOS mobile device
  • Flexibility in mounting options (floor stand, desktop, articulating arm)
  • Secure account login for airline agents and other authorized users
  • Sets up flight and receives flight manifest from CBP
  • Automatic facial detection
  • Traveler verification received from CBP system within 2 seconds
  • Manual verification gives passengers the option to opt-out
  • Ensures traveler privacy and security of personal information
  • Automatic software updates
  • Meets U.S. Customs Biometric Exit and IATA standards
  • Choice of scanning method provides gate agents the ability to control how quickly passengers are processed.
  • Custom branding capability allows interface to be easily configured to your organization’s logo, color theme, and more.

veriScan Agent™

  • Dashboard view for gate agents to manage the boarding process
  • Enables manual verification if the passenger chooses to opt-out
  • Ability to view verified and unverified passengers
  • Ability to view passengers verified automatically vs. those verified manually
  • Permits authorized users, such as airline station managers and CBP staff, to remotely view the boarding process over the web as it occurs
  • Custom branding capability allows interface to be easily configured to your organization’s logo, color theme, and more.


  • Software: veriScan and veriScan Agent™ apps
  • Operating System: Apple iOS
  • Other Supported Devices: iOS-based mobile devices
  • Identity Management: Okta™
  • Mobile Device Management and Security: AirWatch™
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi or cellular
  • Supported Scanning Device: optimized for iPad Pro 12.9"
  • Supported Mounting Hardware: a range of commercially available options exist, including floor stands, articulating arms, desktop units.

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